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DAYTON Sculpture Design Winners!

DAYTON Sculpture Design Winners!

In the quest for a new Dayton Icon, the staff of Bing Design came together to collaborate on this design. It was announced on Wednesday, October 19th by UpDayton that our entry won! You can see the prototype we created for the event on the image above and on our Facebook post discussing the award.

  • Pictured above (left to right) is Joyce Jones, Roger Starnes, Joe Gauder, Holly Shannon, Nick Gaskins, and Angela Brown – not pictured are Cris Gaskins and Joy Ring

UpDayton is starting efforts to secure a location, fundraise for materials, and work out logistics for the construction. If you can share your time and talents, please sign up at or contact Kelly Sexton at

Learn more about UpDayton or the background on the new Dayton icon contest described on the Dayton Most Metro site by clicking these links or their logos below…