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Posted on: Nov 21, 2011

Citrix GoToWebinar New Codec Removal Tool

Citrix GoToWebinar New Codec Removal Tool

UPDATE: the information below has aged. Better option, use the GoToMeeting Transcoding Wizard (codec removal tool) here


We recently needed to upload a GoToWebinar recorded video for one of our clients to share, and some of the normal tricks to remove the custom G2M3 codec was not working out so well.

So we got on the phone with a Citrix Customer Support professional, who mentioned that their team had just released a new Windows BAT file that will convert your GoToWebinar videos to a standard WMV file by a simple drag-and-drop on your PC! I thought it was too good to be true, but with a quick download and conversion, the GoToWebinar WMV file with the custom codec was processed and the resulting WMV file was working on Mac and PC alike, and ready to share! Nice job guys!

Citrix Online has 3 very popular services for professionals who want to host or join in a meeting online:

GoToMeeting GoToWebinar GoToTraining

Per the company’s website, GoToWebinar provides the following service…

“With GoToWebinar you can conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to
1,000 people – all for one flat rate. Reduce travel while reaching larger
audiences around the world.”

While this service is great, if you have ever wanted to share a GoToWebinar recorded video on sites such as,, or another video site, you are aware of the GoToWebinar WMV G2M3 custom codec. To share this video on a typical video site, this codec must be removed or users will not be able to see it.

There are many sites that have provided some great information on how to remove this codec through a series of steps that can be tricky for most to do. But no longer! The new simple batch converter created by Citrix will help you save your recorded GoToWebinar videos out as standard WMV formatted video more easily than ever!

If you want to try this for yourself, just download the attached ZIP file to your computer, extract the .bat file from the ZIP, drag your GoToWebinar WMV video over the .bat file, and when prompted by the DOS terminal, type in build number of “723”. You should immediately see the converter start processing the video AND it gives you a progress bar so there is no guessing when the file is ready.

Try it out and let us (and Citrix) know how much you like the new tool!

Download the ZIP below, then follow the steps at the bottom of this post, and ENJOY!

Steps to install:

Click images to see larger view if needed.

  1. 1Download ZIP to your desktop.
  2. 2Expand the ZIP archive.
  3. 3You should see the Converter.bat file once the ZIP has unarchived the file.
  4. 4Make a copy of your GoToWebinar encoded video in same directory.
  5. 5Next, drag the video file onto the Converter.bat file and the batch process will launch as shown above.
  6. 7At cursor prompt, type in “723”. This is the build number to use for running the conversion. Then hit “ENTER”.
  7. 8Next, you should see the Citrix conversion process begin with a progress bar.
  8. Wait until this is done, and you can view/upload your WMV with the world! (a 1 hour video takes about 30 minutes to convert)

This information has been posted as a courtesy to users in need. Bing Design is not responsible for the Citrix Converter.bat file, or its use on your computer or network. It works great for us, but use discretion or consult your IT department before using.


  1. does this bat file work on a mac or is there a file that works on a mac?

  2. THANK YOU!! I tried two other apps with detailed instructions and they both failed. This worked so easily!!

  3. Thank you for this!!! This is my biggest headache with GTW webinars and this tool is easy to use, kudos to Citrix and your team! Just one thing though 723 is not the magic number to start the conversion, you have to put in the build number of your gotomeeting, instructions on in the top left of the box though, it’s easy to do 🙂

  4. Worked like a charm! 1 hour 15 minute video processed in under 10 minutes (Intel quad core 2.5GHz 4GB ram)! Now my video conversion software can recognize the .wmv file. I’ve been looking for an easy fix for this for nearly a year. Thank you for sharing! I will make sure others are aware of this quick fix!

  5. I’m getting a transcoding initialization error – how can I get past this?

  6. Lifesaver.. I tried just about everything the last 5 hours. And then this worked.. as with the previous comment, I also had to check my specific build number to make the magic happen. Thanks!