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Teradata Social Media Case Study

The Situation

Economic restraints caused a low projected attendance at PARTNERS – Teradata’s largest customer conference and user group. So, Teradata used new media tactics to deliver the PARTNERS experience to non-attendees and to enrich the experience of those in attendance. Teradata PARTNERS Social Media Bookmarks

The Solution

Bing established a Social Media presence for Teradata using Twitter, Flickr and a blog. Bing also implemented a strategy for gaining “subscribers”. The accounts were established pre-event in order to promote key conference themes and to generate excitement about the line-up of events. During the event, social media efforts were promoted in a variety of ways including:

  • Bookmarks and business cards with the URLs placed at computer stations, meeting rooms and other conference “hot spots”
  • Twitter/Subscriber contests, giveaways and meet-ups

Bing also attended the conference and reported on the event using social media tools.

The Impact

Since PARTNERS, Bing has helped Teradata maintain its social media presence, predominately on Twitter and a company blog. These efforts fit naturally with the technical persona of Teradata’s audience. The Twitter account continues to attract new subscribers on a daily basis and has become a new channel for delivering customer service. Teradata is now knowledgeable about – and able to participate in – conversations about the company.

The four-day reporting immediately resulted in:

  • Over 17,000 views on Flickr during the event and ongoing analytics shows views exceeding 250 weekly.
  • 400 followers on Twitter. The account continues to add followers on a daily basis.
  • Conversations with customers, prospects, analysts and other interested parties, including:
    • Drive traffic to Teradata resources – Links published generated between 30-60 views.
    • Directing customers with questions to technical resources
    • Ensuring a room was suitable for an attendee after “hearing” a complaint on Twitter
    • Cross promotion of conference events and contests
    • Notifications about schedule and room changes during the event

And, Google and Technorati results soared, in part due to the number of images and content that linked to and from Teradata’s online media. Teradata PARTNERS Social Media Two-Sided Business Cards