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NCR SOX Monkey Employee Relations Program Case Study

The Situation

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act became a federal requirement in 2002 in response to major corporate and accounting scandals and a decline in public trust. The Act requires enhanced financial disclosure and strict reporting practices.

The Information Technology Services group (ITS) at NCR was tasked with meeting SOX compliance for the international corporation. The new reporting requirements added to the ITS groups already heavy workload. So, management wanted to thank the team after compliance was met.

The ITS team consisted of over 130 associates dispersed among three countries and several U.S. states. Although the audience was very tech savvy, management did not want to give away a “gadget” or “techie” item. The thank you gift needed more spirit and fun – something to rejuvenate the group after completing a long and tedious process.

The Solution

To thank the ITS team for its efforts, the ITS management team enlisted Bing Design for help creating a thank you campaign. The goal was to design a fun giveaway incorporating SOX – an inherently dry topic – into the theme. Playing on the acronym “SOX”, Bing introduced a sock monkey theme – “ITS keeps the SOX monkey off your back!” As a thank you gift, each ITS team member received a sock monkey.

To keep the SOX monkey off ITS management’s back, Bing Design managed the entire production process and prepared the monkeys for distribution. This involved assembling and hand-stamping personalized monkey crates, dressing the sock monkeys, and packaging them into individual crates

The Impact

Needless to say, recipients were not expecting to receive sock monkeys wearing hoodies. The sheer uniqueness of such a gift caused quite a stir and much conversation around the water cooler. The objective of bringing some fun energy back to the group was met, and many employees keep their monkeys in their office cubes as a reminder of the successful completion of a long and difficult task.


  • 2008 Bronze ADDY
  • 2007 IABC Dayton Bronze Quill Award – Excellence & IABC Dayton Best of Show Winner

NCR SOX Monkey

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Case Study