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Here Comes the Judge!

Here Comes the Judge!

Over the past several months, Bing’s digital media guy, Roger Starnes, has been doing more and more work with high schools and secondary educators in his off-time, to help students in the arts and business fields be more prepared for careers.

In December of 2016, Roger was contacted by a friend and teacher Jenifer Conard, WCCC IT Instructor, Springboro High School Satellite, to help at a judging competition at the D. Russel Lee CTC near Hamilton, Ohio.

The event took place on Saturday, January 28th. Roger arrived around 8:15 a.m. and got signed-up, and was introduced to his co-judges. There were about 30 or so of us in all. The group he was judging with co-judge Ryan (former student competitor and current student at UC), was for the “Ohio Region 17: Broadcast News Production Team” presentations.

Judges met, had coffee and food as desired, were thanked for participating, and then were dismissed to their rooms where the presentations would take place.

Each student team was responsible for pretty much everything from the initial idea, to production, to documentation, and finally presentation. The bullets below show what the judges’s guidelines were for each team:

  • The team will develop a 3-5 minute broadcast news production consisting of:
    • Broadcast Intro
    • Two (2) well-developed news stories (the news stories may be on the local, state, national or even international level)
    • Contestants must research actual events
    • Fictional news stories are not permitted
    • An outro music with credits
  • The team will also develop a separate 15-20 second promo or tease.
  • The team may utilize audio, text, video, graphics, and animation.
  • Continuity must exist in the news production.
  • Completed projects must be uploaded to a video/file sharing site (Vimeo, YouTube, or Dropbox, etc.)
  • For completed projects uploaded to a video/file sharing site (Vimeo, YouTube, or Dropbox, etc.), it is recommended to set the access level of your project to one of BPA’s recommended settings. See page 15 for settings recommendations.
  • The final project uploaded must include: final news production, promo/tease, and script.
  • Submit the Team Entry Form including the URL to the project and Release Form(s) in one combined PDF document to:, no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, on April 1, 2017.
  • NOTE: Member ID will be required for all submissions.
  • Contestants will receive an automated response confirmation at the time of submission. Individual confirmation of receipt cannot be provided by the National Center.
  • No fax or mailed copies will be accepted.
  • No exceptions can be made for missed deadlines due to incorrect submission or technical difficulties.
  • Multiple submissions will not be accepted.
  • Contestants must be registered for national level competition prior to submission of materials. The contestant number must be included, as indicated.
  • The Team Entry Form, including signatures, and Release Form(s) must be presented at the time of check-in at the NLC at the Preliminary Competition.

To say the rules were set-up to challenge the students is a bit of an understatement. But the kids did great, even some of those who were first-year entries, or were not seniors did a great job. Most of the video teasers and features were done prior to the judging, and were in pretty good shape then. However a few teams polished their work even more by Saturday.

When the teams presented the work, they wheeled their computers and/or projectors into the rooms, were dressed-up for the presentation, and most took turns with the team members to explain the process of selecting the videos, storyboarding, art creation, video/audio production, and final product production. They also spoke about the subject matter chosen for their features and why they selected them.

One of my favorite questions to the kids, was for them to tell me ‘what aspect to the presentation work was something they had never done, but really enjoyed’. The answers were all over the place and you could see them light up to explain what they really enjoyed or overcame in the process!

In talking to another friend and fellow judge, Kyle Jones, Chair, Computer Information Systems at Sinclair Community College, I learned that kids applying to Sinclair can qualify for scholarships to Sinclair simply by participating in the Business Professionals of America (PBA) student contest! Students can get even scholarships if they make it to higher levels of the contest too!

This is a very good program, and there was great work by the kids and their teachers, and well run event.

Below are more links for interested students, teachers, or parents:

I’ll be back next year too!

– Roger