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Marketing Communication Audits by Bing

Savings. Impact. Planning.

There you have it – three reasons to undergo a communications audit with Bing.

An audit can help you save you money by identifying ineffective marketing materials and by uncovering small, easy-to-tackle changes with big impact. And, an audit can help you plan the next steps for your organization – whether that’s a brand evolution or just a realignment.

So, what is a marketing communications audit?

Consider it an annual check-up … An opportunity to collect and reflect upon all of the marketing materials in your organization. Communications are often developed over time, and possibly by many different managers. It’s only by gathering the masses that you’ll start to see the branding inconsistencies that could be eroding your brand equity.

Here’s how it works:

A communications audit can be tailored to a particular media or comprehensive and company-wide. Regardless, Bing follows a thorough step-by-step process to auditing your communications:

  1. Review Materials – Collection and review of marketing materials and rating the individual materials  based on set criteria and organizational branding goals.
  2. Review Competition – Similar to the Materials Review, but with “the other guy’s” stuff.
  3. Interview – If you choose to do a comprehensive communications audit, Bing will interview various stakeholders for feedback on your communications.
  4. Report – Bing will summarize the findings and present the results and any key findings … which you can put to use immediately to save money, create materials with stronger impact, and plan successful marketing communications.

For more information or to schedule a pre-audit meeting with Bing, call us today at (937) 767-2521.

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