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Anitoch University McGregor Ad Campaign Case Study

The Situation

Tell stories. Change minds.

Many people couldn’t differentiate Antioch University McGregor from Antioch College, even though McGregor was thriving and the College was considering closing its doors.

McGregor needed to make a statement – to define itself and its students on their own terms.

The Solution

McGregor embarked on a rebranding campaign, letting real students tell their McGregor stories – in print, online and on radio. Through storytelling, students explained how McGregor helps adult learners write the next chapters of their lives.

Through photography, McGregor was able to show how its students were different from the young, progressive college students that “Antioch” conjured in the public’s mind. The campaign was delivered from the voices of its students. In ads and other media, students talked about going back to school and writing the next chapter of their lives.

The campaign tagline, “What Will Your Story Be?”, encouraged prospective students to consider where they might go next – and how McGregor could help.

Bing helped McGregor to extend the campaign online and in radio.

  • Online – web site: A campaign-specific web site was created to further develop the students’ stories. Online, prospective students could learn more about the stars of the ads – viewing their curriculum, additional pictures, and reading in-depth Q&As.
  • Online – advertising: McGregor also added online advertising to its traditional print buys. Online ads linked readers directly to the campaign web site.
  • Radio: Snapshots of the students’ stories were turned into 30-second radio spots. Candid answers to interview questions were used as the content – adding credibility and personality to the spots.

The Impact

McGregor’s inquires increased over the prior year and applications stayed on-track – despite frequent news coverage about Antioch College and its uncertain future. People started seeing the difference.


  • 2008 Silver ADDY
  • 2008 IABC Bronze Quill Award – Merit

McGregor Next Chapter Web Campaign

Download a printable version.

Case Study