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About Us

In this era of voicemail, texting, and ultra-automation, we answer our phone.

We listen to our clients. And we consider their best interests. Those simple actions, added to quick and quality work, help define Bing.

But, you came here looking for facts:


Bing was established by Robert Bingenheimer in 1979 and purchased by an employee, Nick Gaskins, in 2000. It was in 2000 that the Bing of today was “born.”


Our headquarters is in Yellow Springs, Ohio. We occupy an old house on the edge of “downtown” Yellow Springs and a short skip from John Bryan and Glen Helen State Parks. Some work is also performed in virtual offices, as employee situations require it. Our virtual offices have ranged from Colorado Springs to Beavercreek, Ohio to Beijing, China.

The People

We’re called Bingers and we’re a diverse range of folks. The unifying factor is that we all believe in putting the customer first, and in delivering the best work we possibly can within the budget and timeframe that we’re allotted. We also like cookies.

For more information about our work, visit our portfolio. For day-to-day musings and a sneak peek at agency life, follow us on our Bing blog or


Occasionally, we get a pat on the back for work well done. See a listing of our recent awards.

Download the naked truth. Our fact sheet!

“…excellent customer service, reasonable pricing, humor, constantly innovating…” Teradata Corporation

More than just a pretty face. See our recent achievements.