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Posted on: Jul 14, 2010

The Next Thing in Print?

The Next Thing in Print?

American Greetings Tasties
There are greeting cards that play music or smell like your favorite scent when you open them. Now, there are cards you can eat – sort of. American Greetings has come out with its new line of Tasties.

Each Tasty comes with a flavored, edible strip inside the card. The flavors include cupcakes, doughnuts and margaritas. Dissolvable flavor strips for the recipient to eat.

The possibilities of this could become a trend for many commercial printers. We have worked with a few that already use scented inks, and its only a matter of time until a printer near you applies this technology of taste!

With news that postage rates are going to increase once again. The print industry will need to contiune to look for new ways to entice design firms and others to continue printing their mailing pieces.

We have seen some pretty amazing innovations in the print industry already. A few of which that are combining print and digital media. Augmented Reality and RFID are a couple modernizations creating new experiences for consumers. However, those still appeal to the same senses, this innovation by American Greetings has added the sense of taste to the printing world.

My question to you is, will you try it?

Check out the newest sensory experience in the card aisle and get that cupcake taste without all that cupcake and calories!

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  1. Great post Joyce! I actually tried a “tasty” recently.

    I was in Las Vegas at a supermarket going through the Liqour aisles. There was a woman there giving samples of tequila…so I thought.

    Yes she had the bottle of tequila out, however her samples were the strips similar to American Greetings tasties. Of course I wanted to try it! To adhere by state liquor laws, she ID’d me and sure enough I popped it in and it tasted similar to a shot of tequila without the burning sensation after throwing one down.

    Not sure if there was alcohol in the strip, but a pretty interesting concept!