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Posted on: Jun 15, 2009

Google Expanding Search with Wonder Wheel and Squares

Not to be overshadowed by the release of the decision engine, Bing, Google has added new functionality to its search engine. The search giant is describing this as “a new set of tools that allows you to slice and dice results in new ways.” Google is aiming to capture more understanding about its users.

Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel

Google introduced “Wonder Wheel,” a graphical way to explore topics by clicking on related searches. Wonder Wheel gives you the ability to visually review your search results, similar to mind mapping. To try it out, do a search and find the “Show Options” link at the top of the search results page.

The other functionality introduced is Google Squared, a tool designed to chart research into columns and rows for those who are trying to track and organize information they get from the Web. Google Squared extracts data from Web pages and presents them in an online spreadsheet.

What makes this tool handy is that adding structure to the Web is one way to make sense of all that data. Check out this quick clip to see Google Squared in action.